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Arup Ghosh

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On February 12, 2017
Last modified:February 12, 2017


Hands on review of Godaddy Managed WordPress hosting plan.

As a user of Godaddy for domain registration, I’ve also tried their shared hosting plans just after the introduced in India. Recently they have added specialized hosting for WordPress users called “Managed WordPress Hosting.” The performance of the shared hosting provided by Godaddy is average and not a good choice if you are serious about blogging.

In this article, I’ll only focus on the performance of managed WordPress hosting plan only.

As the name says, you get an idea that the plan is designed especially for WordPress users. Pricing of the plan is same as shared hosting plan. Let’s start with the pros and cons of the hosting plan before moving into a detailed discussion.


Migration is very smooth.

SSH access.

Simple management panel.

Price is comparatively less than other brands.


No cPanel.

Support is not very helpful.

Moving out of the platform is very hard.

Migration process:

The migration process from your current hosting plan to managed WordPress hosting plan is very easy. During the migration process, they allocate a temporary domain name to your hosting plan. All you have to do is provide MySQL DB and FTP access to Godaddy, and they will do everything for you. Later on, you attach the primary domain name with the hosting plan.

But if you are shipping your local project to hosting server, you have to do it using SFTP and PHPMyAdmin.


The biggest drawback is that the hosting management panel limited to the primary options only. With the same pricing, Godaddy shared hosting plan offers more functional tools. To move files from one directory to another directory, you have to use SFTP or SSH. For users not having much experience with Linux command line, it’s a headache.

I’ve also faced some issue with the SSH access; maybe this was only for my ISP. The ssh log in was not accessible, and the support guys were not able to tell why.

Speed and Uptime:

The name is deceiving, nothing special in case of speed and server uptime. The corresponding shared hosting plan offers the same.

Check the following guide for website speed optimization.

How to Reduce Loading time of your Website


Support from Godaddy India was not that great and getting in touch with support personnel was also very painful. Most of the time online chat support was not available leaving only phone support. The GoDaddy support forum is also not available.

Migration to another platform:

Migrating out of Godaddy Managed WordPress is not smooth at all, it’s nearly impossible to move out of the platform at all. You have to manually download all the files and export the database to migrate. So migration option available from Godaddy side. Another big issue is Godaddy uses a customized version of WordPress with dependencies available on their platform. So even after you download all the necessary files you have to edit some files to get your site working after migration. For that, you have to have a bit knowledge about PHP programming.

So, if you are planning to try Godaddy hosting plans get shared ones unless you want to stick to Godaddy for ever. Share your views about Godaddy hosting in the comment section.


  1. Hello ARUP,
    Thanks for your precious information about hosting from Godaddy . Really informative to new blogger or website owner, your article clearly mentioned about pros and cons of Gadaddy hosting which will help.
    Awesome and informative blog described in simple and effective.
    Keep posting such an article.

  2. I am with godaddy for last two years. Few months backs I tried to move to Bluehost, but could not. because you have rightly pointed out that the things are very complected and near to impossible to move out of godaddy for being a non technical guy like me. Thanks for your review.

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