About Author

Hi there, I’m Arup Ghosh owner and currently the only writer of this blog called WPTron. I started the journey of blogging on 10th grade(2008) by creating a blog on blogger.com for free. At that time there were no blogger in my friend circle or in Facebook friend list. As a novice in this field I had to face lot of challenges and they taught me new things about blogging, search engines, web designing etc.

Since my first blog on Blogspot I have tried my hands on different nice like technology, gadget reviews, how to guides but all of them failed for lack of dedication and proper planning. Couple of years ago I came to know about self hosted platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and many more.

Finally I fall in love of WordPress as it seems more handy to me. Other than that community of this cms larger amd active than other platforms with a vast collection of themes, plugins. I’ve also tried the WordPress.com free version but very limited in comparison with blogger. The reason behind starting WPTron to share the knowledge I’ve gathered till now. Other than blogging I love photography and travelling to new places, you can check photos captured by me in Flickr and 500px.

If you are starting a new blog you can contact me for technical help. Click here to access the contact page.


-Arup Ghosh