How to Setup Zoho Free Email Hosting


After the end of free service by Google Apps and recently Outlook for domains , Zoho is the only alternative left as a free one. Zoho cannot be compared with the leading hosting providers like Google Apps or Office365 but it offers some unique features. They are recommended by some leading tech magazines like PC… Continue Reading for Domains is no Longer Available

Outlook For domains is no longer available

So, finally Microsoft closed its free email service for domains. for domains or in technical terms Admin Center which was a free email hosting service for website owners, allowed users to create custom email addresses with their domain names , like . Outlook for domain was a great alternative for those who hate… Continue Reading

Blogger vs Self Hosted WordPress : What to Choose ?

Blogger vs WordPress

Blogger and WordPress both are popular blogging platform today and “Blogspot vs WordPress” in one of the most debated topic in blogosphere. Before starting the discussion I must mention that both of the platforms are fully different from the view of coding, designing etc. So I’ll strongly recommend you to predetermine the best platform for… Continue Reading

How to Remove Ads from KMPlayer 3.7


Have you recently updated KMPlayer to 3.7? If not I will suggest you not to do so as on the new version they have introduced  ad bars on the left side. Not only they have introduced ads bar on the left side while listening music you will also see ads above the player controls bar.… Continue Reading