Top 6 Free WordPress Comment Plugins

Comments work as a medium of communication for bloggers with their audience. The default comment box and comment management system in WordPress is old school. It has not changed much for a long period of time and offers less control over user engagement. Even if you use a premium theme there is not much or […]

7 Tools and Plugins for Increasing Conversion to your E-commerce Site

Ecommerce websites are developed with an aim to generate more leads. And this is done by converting visitors into potential customers. But to accomplish this goal, you need to test your site, do a lot of research and find out what works best that will help you increase conversion for your ecommerce website. However, it’s […]

Skin WordPress Theme Review

A long time ago I mentioned about several free and responsive HTML5 WordPress theme frameworks. But a few months ago another free WordPress theme framework launched called “Skin” packed with all the features you expect from a premium quality theme. Don’t believe me take a look at the theme demo page – Skin demos. Skin offers […]

Things to Check Before Hitting Publish Button

After finishing an article we cannot wait to hit the blue publish button, even I did the same thing on the beginning until someone pointed out my mistakes. I know how it feels when we start a new blog, there are lots of topic spin around our head to get published. But in hurry we make mistakes […]

Configure Nginx for Codeigniter

Recently I was experimenting with unmanaged VPS servers for a new project. To work locally I generally use Apache2 in Fedora but after studying some articles about the efficiency of Nginx I wanted to give it a try. So I installed Nginx v1.4.6 in Ubuntu server edition. Just like other Ubuntu packages install it by […]

SoloStream Review : New Generation WordPress Themes

With recent updates in Google search algorithm it has become must for bloggers and website owners to have a mobile friendly design. Blogs fail to fulfil this criteria will lose rank in SERP and authority as well. Starting a separate mobile site will cost some extra money, so its better to get a theme for […]